Saturday, April 30, 2011

Boleh anda sokong kami?

tak sangka saya yang saya masih ingat kata laluan ke blog ini. lama sungguh tak menulis di sini. sibuuuk sangat dengan kerja. dan FB lebih sesuai untuk yang sibuk. just a few short words. unlike a blog that actually needs thoughts :)

so what have i been busy with. we are having a CHARITY DINNER!! i tried to put up our dinner poster here but to no avail. is fb actually easier to navigate than blogspot? perhaps it is, because here is the link to our event fb:!/event.php?eid=202812216409337

i have to remind myself to inhale from time to time, there's SO much to be done but at least we have sold ALL the tables, alhamdulillah. tak sangka sungguh. the rest ie, our failure to get big names to sing at our dinner or to get a prominent VIP to grace the event is part of the learning curve is suppose.

both groups: big stars and big politicians, seem to be abroad during the very weekend that we are having our dinner. nope, i wont take it as a snub. sapa lah kami. precisely, so kenalah kerja keras lagi untuk berjaya demi anak-anak yang mengalami autisma di Malaysia.

despite the above mentioned disappointments, there were other things that have truly lifted my spirits. for example, a single mother whose husband passed away 3 years ago leaving her with 3 kids, banked in RM300. and my primary school friend who i have not met in decades banked in Sing $150 all the way from across the causeway.

its true what Hana said in her fb note, its the pennies that count. (she's raising money to feed poor children).!/notes/hana-harun/nota-soal-peduli-b/10150177032185912?notif_t=note_reply

i feel so humbled with the support given. i now keep asking myself how do i repay their kindness? all those people who has shown their support? the answer is to work hard to help kids with autism and their family. with the months of survival for our autism lab through the funds raised, my team and i will work really hard to produce at least 2 more books, 1 teaching module for teachers. we are going to focus on teaching these kids to be verbal and to be able to read!! and all our experiences will be share with teachers and parents all over Malaysia through more books and trainings. wah! dah pledge publicly ni...

though all tables have been sold, you can still donate to us if you care, we need a minimum of rm150,000 to survive per year. thats a minimum, minus the books and teaching materials that we need to purchase.

again I will quote Hana "every penny (she's in the UK) counts"


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