Thursday, July 01, 2010

dear mama rock

hello dear,

sorry that i did not make it to our meeting at noon last wednesday. am sorry too that i even forgot to text you that i could not make it.

what's with peeling off 4 and 6 yr olds from the glasses of the aquarium and stopping a couple of them from jumping into the fish pools to steering them away from the wading pool in the park, not only did i forget our date, i nearly forgot to breathe he he.

but all ended well, we all trooped him with nary an accident nor (our biggest dread) a child lost.

teachers went home with their morale boosted "hey, we can pull this off! how about another class trip?"

parents went home glad that for a day their kids could be out there with the "normal" people, enjoying "normal" activities like visiting aquaria.

the, well i suppose we will never know what they thought at the end of the trip. but there were loads of smile that day.

so as little Tarmizi said, "bulan depan adik nak pergi Zoo Gemara (read: Zoo Negara)"

Zoo Gemara, Mama Rock? Anyone? (chuckles)

p/s: had to ask JoKontan for yr no as I lost it. when your no came, then only i knew yr birth name. its beautiful :)


Blogger Mama Rock said...

hahaha, and i thought i offended you or something :)

well, if time mengizinkan maybe it will be zoo gemara then :)

7:13 PM  
Blogger atenah said...

all the time i was there, i thought of you tapi tak menang tangan mengepung budak2 ni. zoo gemara? yes please, we need help!! he he

7:48 AM  

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